The stage is set when food-loving top managers and some of the best chefs in the country meet to talk about good food, good ingredients, good management, job satisfaction, focus, fascination, enjoyment, perfection, life and much more in the book “Glade Chefer Elsker Mad”.

The happy bosses are challenged in the many facets of the gourmet world, while happy chefs and happy bosses share their knowledge and tools in a never-before-seen constellation and layout. Chefs and bosses discuss management dilemmas, delivered and described by professor Steen Hildebrandt.

Read some of the book reviews:
“Thank you so much – this is an insanely great book, and Eva is completely nuts about it :-)”

“Many thanks for an AWESOME BOOK …”

“It is Christmas at Thanksgiving in the Foulon household. Your books arrived this morning. They are absolutely stunning. I did not expect it to be this large, finely bound, or divine. Hats off to you and your team of contributors. It is an extraordinary accomplishment. Your book will be displayed on my coffee table and in my office for a number of meetings and parties over the next 6 weeks. I will be happy to provide you with feedback. My Danish friend Astrid, who will be part of one of these gatherings, might fall over in her chair when she sees the book you have sent her.”