The objective of the network is:

  1. To bring into focus the effect of Happy Bosses on company results
  2. To contribute to the public debate
  3. To bring together Happy Bosses who want to lead through positive values and relationships

Happy Bosses create relations and results
It is not just about placing job satisfaction high on the agenda for the sake of idealism and your employees. It is about the positive synergy that is a result of job satisfaction. Happy employees are more productive, innovative and service-oriented. Job satisfaction is good business!

Management is about job satisfaction
The ideology behind Happy Bosses is based on our passion for job satisfaction and Happy Management. We create business – and thus results – across the represented industries. The point of orientation is fruitful business with positive results, leading to happy and positive companies.

The Vision and Mission of Happy Bosses
Our vision is to strengthen the Danish export of Happy Bosses, happy management and job satisfaction. We believe that we offer a product and an ideology with the potential to reach beyond the borders of Denmark.

We spread our message through:

  • Presentations
  • Publications
  • Seminars
  • After-work meetings
  • Events
  • The opportunity to hire a Happy Boss who has been matched to the needs of your company
  • Projects focusing on job satisfaction leading to measurable and value-adding results

Register yourself or your company with Happy Bosses
Membership creates to relationships and results. Happy Bosses applies no industry exclusivity.