Happy Bosses is a fantastic initiative. A much needed initiative!
– Maarten van Engeland, Top Manager, ISS Facility Services A/S

“Happy Bosses”. A break with grumpy and destructive management

In this book, top managers from each corner of the Danish corporate world finally speak up. They explain how happy bosses use empathy and a positive attitude as two of the most ingredients to making a company flourish and develop.

– “This is such a wonderful book full of good ideas – it makes you happy! I love that these bosses ACT! They act to facilitate better times, a better work environment, happier colleagues and employees, a better mood and a more positive mindset. I freaking LOVE IT,” says Mette Block, who is a speaker, management inspirator and former rowing world champion, upon having read the book.

Pernille Aalund on happy management
– “All things being equal, the chance of something succeeding increases tenfold if you treat people with personal warmth, if you acknowledge them for their contribution and if you listen to them with a positive mentality,” says Pernille Aalund, Business Development Manager at Aller Media A/S.

This book contains:

  1. A definition of where job satisfaction begins
  2. An example of the ultimate boss test
  3. Input related to making tough decisions with inner calmness
  4. Tools, ideas and inspiration for life as a happy boss – to the delight of employees, colleagues and family members

Published on May 5th, 2011 by Forlaget Turbine, 204 pages, DKK 299.

Authors: Trine Wiese and Iver Tarp.

Glade Chefer

Glade Chefer Iver R. Tarp and Trine Wiese