– This network has led to some very positive collaborations with other Happy Bosses. No matter how happy you are as a manager, at times you have to convey bad news. Happy Bosses tells you how to do that. A happy and positive approach makes the difference – particularly for the recipient.

– Happy Bosses is an amazing network. From day one, I have been managing our company based on the principle that a manager must lead by example within all areas – including job satisfaction. Business-wise I have experienced a high level of loyalty and a desire to act together within the network. I feel very humbled by that.

– I truly believe in the idea that Happy Bosses create a positive atmosphere and happy employees through a positive mindset. Through Happy Bosses I have met inspiring people, created good business and experienced unique contributions characterized by humor and a high level of professionalism.

– My participation in Happy Bosses has provided me with a lot of happy moments – mainly through useful professional discussions with like-minded individuals who also take an active interest in motivating and inspiring their employees, but also through networking where creative ideas and sharing of experience provide fertile soil for business creation.