Iver R. Tarp

– Because leadership is about Happy Management and job satisfaction. Good managers create job satisfaction for themselves – and for their employees.

One question remains: Is your organization ready to take job satisfaction seriously? To celebrate and reward those leaders who create positive energy, commitment and job satisfaction?

Job satisfaction is good business
Job satisfaction is not only fun – it is good business. Many leaders do not prioritize the positive outcome that is generated by job satisfaction. – But those who do create excellent results!

It is not just about placing job satisfaction high on the agenda for the sake of idealism and your employees. It is about the positive synergy that is a result of job satisfaction.

Happy employees are more productive, innovative and service-oriented. They also take less sick leave and stay with the company for longer.

The road to sustainable success
Too many companies tolerate or reward bad management. At Semco, a company located in São Paulo, Brazil, they do the opposite. Twice a year all 3,000 Semco-employees evaluate their immediate supervisor, and each supervisor receives a score from 0 to 100, which is published throughout the company.

Result: Bad managers are identified and pressured to improve.

If you want your organization to achieve sustainable success in a world marked characterized by an insecure economy and extremely high demands on efficiency and innovation, there is no getting around it:

The leaders must lead happily!

– Iver Tarp, Managing Director, Contea Assurance A/S and chairman at Happy Bosses.